In British English, if the name of the person is used, e.g. (=exampli gratia):

Dear Mr. Jones, then the ending is Yours sincerely.

You can also write the persons full name, for example: Mr. Jack Jones.

If you don’t know the name of the person you are writing to, then you should start the letter with: Dear Sir/Madam, and end with: Yours faithfully. Or Dear Sir or Madam.

Other greetings and opening phrases

Friendly Greetings Affectionate Greetings Loving Greetings
My Dear Mary, My Dearest Mary, My Beloved Mary,
Hello Mary, Dearest Mary, My Darling Mary,
Hi Mary, My Dearest, My Sweet,
  Dearest, My Darling,

Closing phrases

Friendly Closings Affectionate Closings Loving Closings
Sincerely, Fondly, Love,
Sincerely yours, Affectionately, Lovingly,
Truly, With fond regards, With all my love,
Truly yours, With sincere affection, I love you,
Yours truly,

If you are writing a formal letter, do not forget to include the title of the person to whom you are writing, such as:

  • Mr – for men
  • Master – for children (boys)
  • Mrs – for women
  • Ms – for women (for women whose title you are unsure about. If you do not know if they are married (Mrs) or unmarried (Miss).
  • Miss – unmarried women.

Other titles:

  • Dr (Doctor)
  • PhD (Philosophy Doctor).
  • Sir – men
  • Madam – women